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Parameter name Variable name Property name(s) Value
name name Has name Tink
description description Has description Tink boosts defensive capabilities.
description_simple description_simple Has simple description
icon icon Has icon Familiar_Tinker_icon.png
triggered1 triggered1_data Has first triggered Data:Ability_Tinker_TriggeredPassive_1
triggered2 triggered2_data Has second triggered Data:Ability_Tinker_TriggeredPassive_2
triggered3 triggered3_data Has third triggered Data:Ability_Tinker_TriggeredPassive_3
passive1 passive1_data Has first passive Data:
passive2 passive2_data Has second passive Data:
passive3 passive3_data Has third passive Data:
passive2_1 passive2_1_data Has secondary first passive Data:Ability_Tinker_Passive_1
passive2_2 passive2_2_data Has secondary second passive Data:Ability_Tinker_Passive_2
passive2_3 passive2_3_data Has secondary third passive Data:Ability_Tinker_Passive_3
active1 active1_data Has first active Data:Ability_Tinker_Ult_1
active2 active2_data Has second active Data:Ability_Tinker_Ult_2
active3 active3_data Has third active Data:Ability_Tinker_Ult_3

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