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Each Core Item, such as Attack/Damage Items, Defensive Items, Mana Items and Utility Items, in Strife is composed of Component Items. One can alter these Component Items via Crafting to custom fit one's play style.

For example, if one likes the utility item Hexbane but wishes it had more Health instead of Mana. One may swap out the Mana Crystal for a Health Crystal via Crafting. This changes the base stats of the item to give more Health instead of Mana. It also effects which basic components one needs to buy In Game in order to purchase that Player Crafted Core Item.

Players are allowed to craft as many items as they wish but the limit of Player Crafted Core Items that may be brought into a match for use is limited to 4.

Crafting uses Elixirs that can be obtained from playing the game and opening Chests after each game.

Each Crafted item can then be further customized by choosing to enchant it. Enchantment.

Basic Components[edit | edit source]

Power and Attack Mana Health
Icon Name Description Cost
Power Shard.png Power Shard +6 Power 450 Gold.png
Power Crystal.png Power Crystal +16 Power 1200 Gold.png
Power Relic.png Power Relic +25 Power 2025 Gold.png
Agility Stone.png Agility Stone +15 Attack Speed 835 Gold.png
Agility Relic.png Agility Relic +36 Attack Speed 2000 Gold.png
Icon Name Description Cost
Mana Shard.png Mana Shard +55 Mana 430 Gold.png
Mana Stone.png Mana Stone +105 Mana 820 Gold.png
Mana Crystal.png Mana Crystal +150 Mana 1170 Gold.png
Clarity Shard.png Clarity Shard +1.4 Mana/second 435 Gold.png
Clarity Stone.png Clarity Stone +2.5 Mana/second 805 Gold.png
Icon Name Description Cost
Health Shard.png Health Shard +85 Health 450 Gold.png
Health Crystal.png Health Crystal +230 Health 1215 Gold.png
Health Relic.png Health Relic +380 Health 2010 Gold.png
Vitality Shard.png Vitality Shard +2 Health/second 430 Gold.png
Vitality Stone.png Vitality Stone +3.8 Health/second 815 Gold.png