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Familiar Mystik icon.png
Mystik boosts spell-casting effectiveness.
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Description[edit | edit source]

Mystik is perfect for your prototypical magic ability user. Mystik augments all Magic damage, and provides a useful harassment boost to the laning phase. Mystik does not offer any utility or defense however, so position carefully.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Type Icon Name Description (Simple/Full)
Active Ability Mystik Ult 1 icon.png Inspiration
Activate to regenerate mana
Activate to quickly regenerate 60 mana (scales with hero level). 180 Second Cooldown.

Passive 1 Ability Mystik TriggeredPassive 1 icon.png Dive Bomb
Mystik damages enemies you target with an ability
When your abilities affect an enemy, Mystik deals up to 64 Pure Damage (scales with hero level & power). 24 Second Cooldown.

Passive 3 Ability Mystik Passive 1 icon.png Spell Mastery
Amplifies magic damage
Increases Magic damage by 3%

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