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Strife is a (MOBA) Multiplayer Online Battle Arena which consists of one map at the moment. The map has three lanes which player controlled heroes need to push brawlers to destroy the enemy's Crux in order to win. It is similar to other MOBA games like Heroes of Newerth and a custom map for Warcraft III called DoTA. There are 5 players on each team and there are two teams, Team Valor and Team Glory. Strife is the only second generation MOBA with the goal to remove Community Toxicity well known as rage from the game.

Game mechanics[edit | edit source]

Courier[edit | edit source]

Each player receives a free personal courier to deliver items to you from your Stash when you are away from your base. It has a small cool down after delivering your items as it has to return to base.


  • Returning
  • Delivery
  • Cancel Delivery

Krytos[edit | edit source]

Krytos was once the sentinel pet of the Keeper Fobus. He stands guarded by Cindara inside the Arena. Defeating her will earn you his allegiance.

Krytos will assault a selected lane voted on by the team, destroying creeps and leaping onto towers, disabling them. While he deals massive damage to towers his attacks are so strong they harm himself.

  • Slam
This ability slows the Movement Speed and Attack Speed of all nearby players.

Bal’Dir[edit | edit source]

A special boss mob in the arena that provides the entire team with a gold and experience reward.

Out-of-Combat Regeneration Bonus[edit | edit source]

When you are out of combat for 10 seconds you enter Non-combat Regeneration.

Grants 0.03% of your maximum health per second and increases your health regen by 100%. Also, increases your mana regen by 0.04% of your maximum mana per second and increases your mana regen by 50%.

Rush[edit | edit source]

After leaving the well you receive a speed bonus.

“You recently entered your home shrine and have increased movespeed. Taking or dealing damage will remove the effect.”

Tower's Focus[edit | edit source]

Towers will focus enemy players attacking ally players and make tower diving dangerous.

“You are being focused by a tower. Unless you engage it directly, it will progressively increase its damage against you with each attack.”

Retreat![edit | edit source]

Each player will have a free spell with no cooldown to return to their base after an 8 second channeling time.

“Activate to start channeling a spell to return you to base. Takes 8 seconds to cast.”

  Default Hotkey: H

Observatories (Working title)[edit | edit source]

Located in the jungle areas of the map, these structures will provide temporary vision of scouting areas when a player touches them. If an enemy player touches the observatory activated by your team you lose vision of the area.