Positional Abilities

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Name Max Level Casting Time Target Radius Description
Ability Bounder Ult 3 icon.png Slide 1 0
Activate to dash 500 distance in target direction. 120 Second Cooldown.
Ability Bounder Ult 1 icon.png Slide 1 0
Activate to dash 400 distance in target direction. 270 Second Cooldown.
Ability Eanu4 icon.png Breaking Wave 3 0.4 400
Target location to ride a massive wave, dealing 250 Magic damage and stunning all enemies for 1 seconds. Enemies touched by Breaking Wave become Wet for 5 seconds.
Ability Moxie4 icon.png Catastrophe 3 0.3 325
Target area. After a delay, deals 140 Magic damage and applies a 60% Movement Slow.

Enemies near the center take an additional 75 damage and bonus slow.
Ability Trixie4 icon.png Croaking Curse 3 0.2 350
Target location to turn all enemies into frogs for 2 seconds, slowing them by 35% and reducing their Resistance by 20.

Frogs cannot attack or use abilities.
Ability Rook4 icon.png Deliverance 3 0.55 100
Launch a crow in target direction, damaging and stunning the first enemy hit.

Deals up to 200 Magic damage and stuns for up to 3.5 seconds, based on the distance travelled.
Ability Flak4 icon.png EMP Cannon 3 0.4
Target direction to launch an EMP missle. Upon reactivation, or contacting an enemy, the EMP explodes - slowing nearby enemies and lowering their Resistance by up to 30. More potent at closer ranges.
Ability Shank4 icon.png Manacle 3 0.3
Target direction to launch a chain that attaches to the first enemy hit. The target is pulled back to Shank and takes 100 Magic damage. Max drag range is 1500 units.
Ability Rip4 icon.png Nether Strike 3 0.25
Target direction to dash, attacking all enemies you pass through.

If you hit at least 1 enemy, you may cast this ability again for up to 6 seconds - up to a total of 3 times.
Ability Vex4 icon.png Orbital Drop 3 0 400
Target position to teleport, dealing 150 Magic damage and stunning for 1 second.

2.0 second Channel Time. Taking damage will put the skill on a 5 second cooldown.
Ability Nikolai4 icon.png Piledriver 3 0.4
Target direction to lunge, grabbing the first enemy hero you contact - launching you both into the air. While airborn you may continue to move.

Upon landing, you deal 195 Magic Damage in a small area.
Ability Vermillion4 icon.png Rocket Jump 3 0.3 200
Target location to deal 140 Magic damage and stun targets for 1 seconds, launching Vermillion backwards.
Ability Trixie3 icon.png Aether Beam 4 0.3
Target direction to fire a powerful beam. Beam impacts the first enemy hit, dealing 65 Magic Damage/sec for 5 seconds.

Enemies near target take 25% damage.
Ability Ace2 icon.png Avalanche 4 0 250
Target position to leap there, dealing 75 Magic damage and applying a 50% tapering movement slow for 3 seconds.
Ability Ladytinder1 icon.png Bindweed 4 0.4 70
Target direction to launch bindweed, stunning and pulling the first enemy hit for 1.2 seconds and dealing 80 Magic damage.
Ability Zaku1 icon.png Bioswarm 4 0.1
Target direction to channel Bioswarm, dealing 65 Magic damage per second.

Removes up to 5 Resistance for 4 seconds.
Ability Bo1 icon.png Bo Throw 4 0.3
Target direction to deal 40 Magic damage and apply a slow. The weapon will return, affecting enemies again on the way back.
Ability Trace2 icon.png Bomb Toss 4 0.3 300
Target location to toss bomb, which deals 135 Magic Damage and stuns enemies for 1 seconds after a delay.

Bomb can be activated early for half its damage and stun duration by hitting it with your Boomerang.
Ability Trace1 icon.png Boomerang 4 0.25
Throw a boomerang which deals 80% of Trace's attack damage to enemies.

Cooldown is reset if caught.
Ability Bastion1 icon.png Breath of Oracles 4 0.25
Target direction to deal 90 Magic damage.
Ability Ray1 icon.png Burrow Bots 4 0 350
Target location to place mine. Mines activate when an enemy walks nearby, chasing the enemy and exploding for 90 Magic damage.
Ability Vermillion1 icon.png Cheese Shot 4 0.5 300
Target location to deal 85 Magic damage and apply a 35% Movement Speed Slow for 2 seconds.
Ability Malady2 icon.png Dark Storm 4 0.2 300
Target location to slow enemies and deal up to 180 Magic damage over 7 seconds.
Ability Nikolai2 icon.png Earthen Slam 4 0.4
Target direction to send 3 shockwaves. Each shockwave deals 75 Magic Damage and slows targets. Bonus hits deal 30% damage.
Ability Buford2 icon.png Fire Slug 4 0.3
Target location to create a trail of fire. Enemies take 20 Magic damage per second.

44Flame Ammo
Attacks deal 35% splash damage to units in a 300 unit radius. Only one Ammo can be active.
Ability JinShe3 icon.png Firefall 4 0 120
Target a location to launch there after a short channel.

After landing, Jin She gains 5 Resistance for 5 seconds.

Enemy hero damage will interrupt channel.
Ability Eanu2 icon.png Geyser 4 1 150
Target location to emit a geyser from Eanu's chest piece, dealing 80 Magic Damage and pushing enemies away. Enemies hit by Geyser become Wet for 5 seconds.
Ability Midknight1 icon.png Hookshot 4 0.2
Target a direction to launch polearm. Upon contacting an enemy, pulls Midknight towards them dealing 80 Magic Damage.
Ability Blazer1 icon.png Ion Cannon 4 0
Activate to charge ion cannon. Upon selecting target direction, shoots ion beam which deals up to 115 Magic Damage to enemies.

Damage and range based on charge time (max after 1.2 seconds). If ability is not reactivated, regain half mana back.
Ability Shank2 icon.png Jailbreak 4 0.2
Target direction to grant allies a burst of movespeed and apply a tapering 24% Movement Slow to enemies.
Ability Chester1 icon.png Knight Blitz 4 0.4
Target a direction to send 5 knights. On contact, knights explode for 40 Magic Damage and apply a tapering slow.
Ability Buford1 icon.png Poison Slug 4 0.5 300
Target location to create a cloud of toxic fumes. Fumes slow all enemies by 15% and reduces their resistance by -10. If toxic fumes are ignited by Fire Slug they explode dealing 100 Magic damage.

44Toxic Ammo
Attacks deal 10 bonus damage. Only one Ammo can be active.
Ability Harrower1 icon.png Predator Strike 4 0
Activate to dash in target direction. Your next attack deals 30 bonus Attack damage.
Ability Iah2 icon.png Quickpit 4 0.35 300
Target location to create sand pit which sucks enemies in and deals 100 Magic Damage over 3 seconds.
Ability Carter1 icon.png Rocket Barrage 4 0 70
Target direction to launch a rocket that deals 70 Magic damage to the first enemy hit.
Ability Ray2 icon.png Shock Field 4 0.3 300
Target area to create a circular fence that lasts 3 seconds.

Enemies who walk through the fence are stunned for 0.75 seconds and take 75 Magic damage.
Ability Rip1 icon.png Smoke Cloud 4 0.25 325
Target area to create a smoke cloud, reducing enemy resistance by 10 and drastically lowering their vision, while granting all allies inside the cloud 5 resistance. While inside the cloud, you are stealthed until you deal damage or use an ability.
Ability Zaku2 icon.png Sticky Trap 4 0.25 175
Target location to spawn an invisible trap. Upon being triggered by an enemy, immobilizes all enemies in the area for 1 seconds and deals 75 damage.

You can have 2 active traps.
Ability Hale1 icon.png Sweeping Strikes 4 0.25 200
Dash forward with two swings. Each swing deals 70 Magic damage. Multiple hits on a target deal 75% damage.

This ability refreshes when an enemy hero dies near you.
Ability Blazer2 icon.png Tether Shot 4 0.3 325
Target area to launch gadget. Gadget attaches itself to all enemy heroes, dealing 80 Magic Damage and leashing them to the area for 1.5 seconds.
Ability Rip2 icon.png Vanish 4 0 300
Target area to vanish for 1 second, then reappear at the target location. Upon reappearing, deals 75 Magic damage in the area.
Ability Carter2 icon.png Yak Attack 4 0.75 250
Target location to deal 80 Magic damage and apply a 16% Movement Speed slow for 4 seconds.
Ability Bastion2 icon.png Zidek Charge 4 0.45
Target location to charge there. Impacts the first enemy hero, dealing 75 Magic damage and stunning for 0.8 seconds.
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